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PostHeaderIcon Making a Cappuccino at Pure Café


PostHeaderIcon Celebrate Food and Wine Expo 2011

It is no mystery how we decided on the perfect name for our restaurant – Pure pleasure, Pure Delicatessens, Pure creativity, uniquely Pure…and in this case, Pure involvement.

Once again, we are involved in this year’s annual Celebrate Food and Wine Expo, hosted by Afrikaans Hoër Meisies on 2-4 September 2011.
With approximately 30 different exhibitors – including a range of wine cellars and makers, culinary equipment, Hijcke Cheese, Karoo products, food demo’s and wine pairing – this year’s expo is a opportunity for great exposure and networking, displaying the unique, ‘something else’ factor that the exhibitors possess. We have the privilege of being one of them.

Our involvement was requested by the organisers of the event, Sonja and Rhoda – our claim to fame being, amongst other things, great tasting coffee and unique food combinations. The many other exhibitors, also chosen very selectively, contributed to the high standard of the expo – making our presence so much more exclusive – and the expo, once again achieving huge success.

Tickets can be bought at Pure Cafe and for more info please visit the Celebrate Food and Wine Expo website:

PostHeaderIcon The espresso with the X-factor

Nuova Simonelli AureliaHoohaaa! Pure café has finally got a brand new espresso machine – after four years of very careful consideration. The choice was made, and the new addition is the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia – the Aurelia is the model used in the World Barista Championship and South African National championships.

This magnificent piece of engineering fulfills all our requirements. It steams perfect silky smooth milk for our cappuccinos and lattés in seconds and because of the Aurelia’s soft pre-infusion and temperature consistency, the espresso quality is brilliant.  

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Pure Cafe Restaurant close to Hatfield gautrain station

PostHeaderIcon License to…Celebrate!

It has arrived…en dit ‘klink’ na iets om te vier!

No, it is not a plane, it is not Superman! It is our recently introduced; Alcohol license.
For those who need something more than our Virgin Mojito’s, we’ve got it!

We are starting with a limited, yet versatile range of unique ‘boutique’ wines – generally known as wines from smaller, exclusive farms. A number of these wines will also be available per glass. The wines will vary, in order to assure that you, our clients, have a wide variety to taste, enjoy and ultimately recommend. Soon we will also be selling locally brewed beer. But for know, keep your glass half full with this exciting new addition. What better way to accessorise a plate full of unique food combinations, than with a glass of wine! Come early to avoid a bottleneck effect!

PostHeaderIcon Saturday Song

Remember that we do not only have our focus on pure tastes, but newly added pure ideas, leading to pure sounds.

Just imagine…your first taste of the weekend starting with a Pure breakfast, chewed on the rhythm of live background music – leaving not only your taste buds dancing.

The artists, exchanging sessions on a two-weekly basis, are the not-to-be-underestimated Quinten Broid, his chellist William Fourie and jembe-jammer, Jantes Prinsloo (

On every second Saturday we have a variety of duo or trios featuring double bassist Werner Spies and friends from Music Mosaics ( are responsible for a jazzy vibe.", responsible for a jazzy vibe.

Come and see for yourself how our Pure initiative can manipulate the sounds of the city!


PostHeaderIcon New shop extension

We are glad to announce that the new shop extension is finally open and It is looking great. We are currently installing the electricity for our new bakers oven and will be serving freshly baked bread soon. At Pure we know that you get bread and you get bread, so we are looking forward to serving you some real bread.

"I understand the big food companies are developing a tearless onion. I think they can do it -- after all, they've already given us tasteless bread."
Robert Orben