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PostHeaderIcon Celebrate Food and Wine Expo 2011

It is no mystery how we decided on the perfect name for our restaurant – Pure pleasure, Pure Delicatessens, Pure creativity, uniquely Pure…and in this case, Pure involvement.

Once again, we are involved in this year’s annual Celebrate Food and Wine Expo, hosted by Afrikaans Hoër Meisies on 2-4 September 2011.
With approximately 30 different exhibitors – including a range of wine cellars and makers, culinary equipment, Hijcke Cheese, Karoo products, food demo’s and wine pairing – this year’s expo is a opportunity for great exposure and networking, displaying the unique, ‘something else’ factor that the exhibitors possess. We have the privilege of being one of them.

Our involvement was requested by the organisers of the event, Sonja and Rhoda – our claim to fame being, amongst other things, great tasting coffee and unique food combinations. The many other exhibitors, also chosen very selectively, contributed to the high standard of the expo – making our presence so much more exclusive – and the expo, once again achieving huge success.

Tickets can be bought at Pure Cafe and for more info please visit the Celebrate Food and Wine Expo website: