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PostHeaderIcon The espresso with the X-factor

Nuova Simonelli AureliaHoohaaa! Pure café has finally got a brand new espresso machine – after four years of very careful consideration. The choice was made, and the new addition is the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia – the Aurelia is the model used in the World Barista Championship and South African National championships.

This magnificent piece of engineering fulfills all our requirements. It steams perfect silky smooth milk for our cappuccinos and lattés in seconds and because of the Aurelia’s soft pre-infusion and temperature consistency, the espresso quality is brilliant.  

I couldn’t wait to pull that first shot, but once the guys from Tazza doro installed the machine, we had to wait for it to warm-up. Once the optimal temperature was reached, I grinded, dosed and tamped for the first shot to start with the setting of the grinder. Somehow the first shot I pulled was perfect and tasted awesome. We realised that our espresso’s have a wilder’ range of aromas, better body and we get more volume from the shots without over extracting.

MXMX, our barista, is like an eight year old boy with a new bicycle. He doesn’t want anyone touching it and keeps it in a spotless condition.

The machine is a pleasure to work on with its raised groupheads and  cold touch  steam-wands with its push-pull lever system. The machine is very ergonomically well-designed and it feels as if you are in the driving seat of a car with power-steering, traction control and ABS brakes, as apposed to a 1960 VW Beetle. It still takes you from A to B, just is just so much simpler, better and faster

I am currently busy experimenting with the machine and testing different methods and coffees to ensure that Pure's coffee gives our customers what they have come accustomed to and more.

If you are interested in taking a closer look, please don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance.